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BAK Tonneau Covers

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BakFlip tonneau covers are the worlds only true Quad-Fold tonneau covers.

A rolling soft tonneau cover will provide easy access to your truck bed, but offers no security and is not the kind of product that many folks want to add to their expensive pickup truck.

A traditional hard tonneau cover, whether it tilts, folds or retracts will always provide great security and even looks, but unfortunately will never allow you full access to your truck bed.

That's why we created the BakFlip.

The patented design of the BakFlip Tonneau Cover ensures that you get the best of all worlds. Great looks, great security, full truck bed access and the most cutting edge tonneau cover design and styling available anywhere in the world.

BakFlip Tonneau Cover Hinges:
BakFlip tonneau covers are comprised of a series of panels that are connected to each other with seamless rubber hinges made from EPDM. These rubber hinges cannot corrode in extreme temperatures and can be folded back and forth for years without any noticeable wear at all. Unlike piano hinges or metal hinges that can leak, corrode or rust, the BakFlip tonneau cover's patented hinge system is completely resistant to all temperatures and the most torrential weather conditions.

BakFlip Tonneau cover Panels:
BakFlip tonneau cover panels are laminated from either impact resistant FRP or rugged aircraft grade aluminum. After the tonneau cover panels are crafted to the correct size they are framed with a patented aluminum frame that renders BakFlip tonneau covers the strongest folding tonneau covers available anywhere in the world. The frames around the panels are also the receptacle for the rubber hinges that simply slide into the panel frame with a unique tongue and groove design. The panel frames act as a double insurance against any possible water from penetrating or bypassing a hinge. BakFlip panels cannot be cut with a blade. Even though the hinges are rubber, they are encased from the underside in solid model and can therefore also not be penetrated with a knife or sharp blade.

BakFlip tonneau cover locks and latches:
BakFlip tonneau cover latches are concealed under the BakFlip panels so that they are never exposed to the elements or the prying eyes of potential thieves. Rain, snow, dust, sand and any other contaminants are no match for the BakFlip tonneau cover! The ingenious design of the BakFlip’s latches allow the BakFlip tonneau cover panels to be anchored down automatically. The tonneau cover latches are designed to engage the BakFlip’s rails, merely by shutting your tonneau cover. BakFlip tonneau models with 3 folding panles have latches under all panels. BakFlip’s with 4 folding panels have latches under the first, third and fourth panles. Releasing the BakFlip’s latch is as easy as tugging on a release cable from either side of the truck. You never need to climb into the truck or worry about additional aftermarket keys. In most instances the key you drive with is the key you lock the BakFlip tonneau cover with.

Weights and measures of BakFlip tonneau covers:

BakFlip tonneau covers are available for almost all makes and models of domestic and international pickup trucks. Needless to say, BakFlip tonneau covers for long bed trucks are larger than BakFlip’s designed for small double cab pickup trucks. As such, some BakFlip tonneau covers ship in one box and some ship in two boxes. All BakFlip covers are comprised of 2 primary parts. 1. The actual folding tonneau cover top and 2. The tonneau cover rails. When the truck bed is shorter than 6’ the tonneau cover and rails always ship in one box. When the pickup truck bed is longer than 6’ e.g. a Full Size Short Bed Truck like a Ford F150 extended cab, it will ship in 2 boxes. One box for the tonneau cover and one for the rails. The average tonneau cover weighs approximately 50 lbs.


Design & Innovation

The Roll-X hard rolling tonneau cover is the newest category of tonneau covers to emerge from the minds that have brought you the most innovative and functional tonneau covers anywhere in the world to date. The Roll-X truck bed cover literally combines all the best features of a convenient soft rolling tonneau cover with the advantages of a heavy duty, lockable, impact resistant, full functioning hard tonneau cover. For the first time ever, you can now gain easy access to your truck, without any heavy lifting or effort and gain the much needed stability and security that comes from having an incredibly well built, heavy duty aluminum cover on the back of your truck. The Roll-X literally grips the rails as it is unrolled to cover your truck, so that you cannot great into it, no matter where you try to pry it open. It will not rattle, shake, or flop around like a soft cover and is incredible in all weather conditions. It's health fit and appearance exudes a contemporary look that is refined and designed to make your truck look like a million bucks! It's there when you need it and gone when you don't. The Roll-X hard rolling truck bed cover ensures full access to your bed and your stake pockets and has no canisters or components that take up any valuable space in the truck bed. If you're looking for a tonneau cover that literally is the most advanced, most functional tonneau on the market, then look to the all new hard rolling Roll-X. It's without question, BAK Industries best foot forward since the advent of the worlds best selling BakFlip tonneau cover.

Roll-X is strong! Roll-X tonneau covers are stronger than any other rolling tonneau. They are built to outlast your truck and perform flawlessly.

Genius Security! The Roll-X is the most secure rolling tonneau cover on the market. The genius locking rail design ensures that the entire cover is locked down from the cab all the way to the tailgate on both sides, merely by closing the cover

Flush (no profile) design! Roll-X is so low profile that from the side of the truck you cannot even tell that it's there. Best of all, its slim line rail system also allows for full use of accessories like bed extenders, bed rails, tie downs and racks!

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