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CarLink by Audiovox

Valley Truck Outfitters carries CarLink Systems by Audiovox. Compatible with Android, Blackberry and iPhone. Located in Youngstown, Ohio.

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  • Lock & Unlock doors
  • Control your car find feature (honk honk)
  • Start your vehicle remotely
  • Programmable auxiliary outputs (like trunk release)


  • Additional Service Plan Required
  • GPS Vehicle Locate
  • GEO Fence with Security Fence
  • Speed Alert
  • Low Battery Notification


Get virtually unlimited operating range for remote start and more.

All Carlink features are available when Carlink is installed with a compatible (Telematics Port equipped) Prestige, Code Alarm or Pursuit remote start system.

  • 2-way confirmation displayed on smartphone
  • Start error notification alerts — see status reports page.
  • Compatible with any brand remote start that has a "negative external start trigger input."


Have you ever locked your keys in your vehicle?

Unlock your vehicle anywhere you have cellular coverage with the Carlink app.

The unlock/disarm feature does not require an aftermarket alarm or remote start system. The Carlink has a dedicated output that can be wired directly into most vehicles.

To access all keyless entry functionality, such as Lock / Arm & Unlock / Disarm, a compatible (Telematics Port equipped) Prestige, Code Alarm or Pursuit remote start/alarm system is required.

  • 2-way confirmation displayed on app
  • Separate lock and unlock buttons

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