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CA1B5 Remote Start One-Way

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Start your vehicle remotely and receive notification

Code Alarm's CA1B5 remote start system can start your car from up to 1500 feet away — that's over a quarter mile. This single-button system is especially handy if your factory keyfob is built onto the head of the key. Just push the button on the keychain remote, and your car will be warmed or cooled for your comfort when you get to it. The 2-way remote beeps and flashes verification so you know that your vehicle has obeyed the command. You can even program the system to automatically start your vehicle every 2 or 3 hours, which is useful in extreme cold conditions when you want to keep engine fluids from freezing. An auxiliary channel allows you to add a function like unlocking the doors while you start your car.

Product Highlights

Two Mini 1-Way One Button Transmitters

Will Accept up to 4 Transmitters

Glass Mount Antenna with Built-in LED & Valet Switch

Start Confirmation Parking Light Flash

Remote Start Door Unlock-Output On-Board Accessory/Heater Relay

Two On Board IGN Relays with Programmable Output

DBI Port for “plug in” FlashLogic Interface

Quick Stop Mode

Tachless Mode Diesel Hybrid Vehicle Compatible for Remote Start

Web Based Programming

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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