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Valley Truck Outfitters carries Recon in Youngstown, Ohio. Recon is a manufacturer of Premium Quality Aftermarket Vehicular & Powersports Lighting Accessories.

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Mini LED Tailgate Light Bars

The new high-intensity mini LED tailgate bars feature a total of 17 quarter-watt LEDs for the brightest tailgate light bar set-up money can buy!

LED Tailgate Bars

Functions as a Red LED Brake Light, Red LED Running Light, White LED Reverse Light, & Amber LED "Scanning" Turn Signal & Hazard lights. The scanning function starts in the middle of the bar and scans towards the outer edge of each side of the bar when applied.

LED Interior Dome Lights

Wanna light up your interior? RECON Has the answer!!! Check out these hot new LED dome lights for domestic trucks. These LED dome lights give off a killer-looking whiteish-blueish colored light that will set the interior of your rig off!! When they ask where you got em', tell em RECON Truck Accessories!!!

Recon is a manufacturer of Premium Quality Aftermarket Vehicular & Powersports Lighting Accessories. They specialize in LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology & XENON & HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lighting.

Valley Truck Outfitters

Personalize your vehicle with the quality aftermarket accessories at Valley Truck Outfitters. We have sorted through the many products that manufacturers make available to us, and have learned to recognize superior products to make your purchasing decision more simplified. By listening and understanding your needs and desires, we have found that 8 out of 10 times, our customers have changed from what they originally planned to purchase. Online purchasing provides many options per component the same as we do, the difference is you are likely to make the correct purchasing decision by our recommendations.



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