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System One Ladder Racks

Valley Truck Outfitters carries System One Ladder Racks: Fully integrated truck equipment for professional contractors, in Youngstown, Ohio.

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System One's® pick-up truck racks are available in both the Contractor Rig® and Utility Rig™ versions and each of these is available in the Standard or Heavy I.T.S.® Series.

All System One® ladder racks start with the Pick-up Trak® which is fastened to the inside lip of the bedrail. This track forms a structural foundation distributing the weight of the ladder rack and cargo while protecting the bedrail. Tool boxes, sliding cargo anchors and other accessories are easily mounted using standard 5/16" stainless steel carriage bolts in the recessed T-slots. Wide profile truss legs provide tremendous rigidity and reduce concentrated loading. System One's Ladder Life® anti-wear inserts are made of tough, EPDM rubber and are installed in each crossmember to eliminate dangerous ladder wear and reduce noise. Our Ladder Glide® low-friction insert, made from high density polyethylene, is installed on the rear edge of the rear crossmember for easy loading and unloading of ladders and material. Color inserts are included and come in 62 colors to match your truck or company color.

System One's® van racks are a product of careful design for practical function.

Both the Contractor Rig® and the Utility Rig™ are members of the I.T.S.® series of ladder racks, all of which accept Work Winch® tie-downs. The Contractor Rig® with its 5 crossmembers is designed for those contractors who carry a wide variety of materials and equipment, rigid and flexible, short and long lengths. The Utility Rig™ is designed for those who usually carry long, rigid loads such as ladders. Various accessories for both versions are available.

System One® makes truck racks in various lengths and heights for service/utility body trucks and they are offered in both standard and I.T.S.® series.

Service Body Racks are usually mounted to our Utility Traks for increased rigidity and tie-down capability. on bodies with top-opening compartments where the stationary ledge near the hinge is often too narrow to mount the Utility Traks, our "B Trak" is usually the solution. Body to roof height varies among these trucks so we stock legs of varying lengths from 12" up in 1" increments. Utility Traks are available in lengths of 8', 9', 11' and 13' to accommodate various body lengths. Our Extension Beams (for Contractor Rigs®) are available in lengths of 102", 120", 138", 147", 156" and 174" for various cab/body combinations.

Enclosed Body racks are available in Contractor Rig® and Utility Rig™ versions.

Racks for Enclosed Bodies are designed to mount to any flat surface. They can be used in any number of other applications where a flat, structural surface exists. It is recommended that these racks mount on Utility Traks to distribute the weight more evenly and to provide more rigidity. Further, the truck body itself must be strong enough to support the weight of the rack and any anticipated cargo. These racks are typically wider than van racks, so stiffening ribs attached to the under side of crossmembers are often installed for higher capacity. I.T.S.® series brackets are used so adding Work winches® at any time is easy.

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