These comments come to us from our Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire Survey.  We maintain a customer satisfaction rating of 96%.  The following may be of interest to you:

"Very friendly workers and helpful too!  We have come to you for years so that must say something!"  Don K.  July 2013

"(selected VTO for) Pleasant service and time to complete the job.  We have already told a couple of others about the products and service.  We hope they will visit the store"  Ron W.  July 2013

" Great (overall experience).  Saturday 1:15PM, doors were locked, owner came out to talk with me.  That's why I came back!"  Robert W.  June 2013

"Liked the running boards you have.  Close to home."  Jeff G.  May 2013

"(Selected for) variety of products.  Nice!!  Thanks."  Dave M.  May 2013

"Salesman was very knowledgable and answered all questions.  Outstanding."  Tim R.  May 2013

"(Reason selected) service and price and you have everything I need.  I drive from Tidioute, PA to shop here - Nuff said!!"  Mark K.  May 2013

"Good parts were installed quickly."  Billy H.  May 2013

"(Reason selected) reputation. Fantastic (overall experience) - very satisfied!"  Dave S.  May 2013

 "Friendly service-good people.  Guys at the counter did a great job!!  I didn't feel rushed or pressured. . .Thank you."  Tony D. May 2013

"You were recommended by a friend.  Very satisfied.  The people were very nice."  Michael H.  April 2013

"(Selected for) past experience.  Great (overall experience)."  Allen M.  April 2013

"(Selected for) quality of service, satisfaction with previous purchase.  Excellent customer service, honesty.  Thank you for a wonderful experience."  Herb S.  April 2013

"(Selected for) location, (product) selection and price.  Good experience.  Joe C.  March 2013

"Columbiana Buick Olds referred you strongly.  Very satisfied, very good products."  William F.  March 2013

"Checked out brand of products you handled on the web.  Good and friendly service."  Brian V.  March 2013

"Referred by Sweeney Chevrolet.  Excellent (overall experience).  I will be back for future needs."  Mike M.  March 2013

"Recommended by Toyota dealership.  Convenient and fast."  Vicky V.  March 2013

"Quality work and product.  Satisfied."  Brian H.  March 2013

"(Selected VTO) because close to home.  Customer service was great.  The only thing I didn't care for is charging to each piece installed."  Tim H. Feb 2013

"(Selected VTO) because of John's knowledge and service.  Good (overall experience)"  Bill Z.  Feb 2013

"I installed the parts myself.  (Selected VTO) to see parts on hand.  Put my mind at ease."  Joe L.  Feb 2013

"Good products, service, John was great.  Everything was great."  Dave N.  Feb 2013

"Many product options. Great (overall experience)"  Joe P.  Feb 2013

"Quality workmanship.  Good (overall experience)"  Michael B.  Jan 2013

"My brother told me about how good you are."  Great (overall experience)"  Bill S.  Jan 2013

"(Selected) to have lights installed properly.  Good (overall experience)."  Nelson F.  Jan 2013

"(Selected for) past experience.  Professional (overall experience)"  Edward L.  Jan 2013

"(Selected for) quality of parts and good service.  Excellent (overall experience).  Everytime I had parts installed, they were correct and to my satisfaction."  John S.  Jan 2013

"I bought my last accessories for my previous truck at your store.  I was completely pleased with your service."  Dan R.  Jan 2013

"Product selection (reason selected VTO); very satisfactory overall experience."  Edward K.  Jan 2013

"Quality of products sold there. Completely satisfied. Friendly staff, willing to help, pleasant to deal with."  Ron A.  Dec 2012

"Location of store and store offerings."  Anthony V.  Dec 2012

 "Close to home and they do a good job."  Bob D.  Dec 2012

"Friendly service, helpful staff, quality of workmanship.  Thank you!"  John L.  Nov 2012

"Excellent customer service; professional, experienced staff; quality products.  Completely satisfied, will purchase again.  Tim K.  Oct 2012

"Clean, professional environment."  Zach T. Oct 2012

"Excellent, prompt; very friendly service."  Lyndon V.  Oct 2012

"Very good experience.  I would recommend to anyone who asked."  Andrew G. Oct 2012

"Parts Dept. at Greenwood Chevy recommended you. Nice shop, great technician."  Steve K. Sept 2012

"I like their product line.  Very nice, professional."  Mark S.  Sept 2012

"Quality workmanship and materials.  I would recommend your service.  Very courteous, staff keeping us updated on progress."  Robert S. Sept 2012 

"Excellent . . . just as good as expected."  Scott K.  Sept 2012

"(Selected Valley Truck Outfitters) Quality and the way they care for my truck."  Jim P. Sept 2012

"Satisfied.  I am happy overall and would recommend you to others."  Jay L.  July 2012

"Reputation, professional and courtesy.  Very pleased with my experience at  Valley Truck."  Barry G. July 2012

"Had the proeuct I wanted and the experience to install it."  Cole Y. July 2012

"(Most important reason selected Valley Truck Outfitters) Location and ability to wait while job was completed.  Eric B. July 2012

"Professional, courteous, prompt and efficient."  Frank S. June 2012

" Very satisfied (overall experience).  Salesperson was very helpful with answering my questions.  Pat G. June 2012

"Called dealership and they said they use you.  Very good experience - very professional."  Stuart H. May 2012

"(Reason selected VTO) Convenience first - then confidence.  Excellent experience.  Thanks for your help - I am a "novice" and your team really helped." Denise D. May 2012

"I've had prior experience - past purchases.  Very satisfied - lots of advice prior to my purchase."  Paul Z. May 2012

"Very satisfied with prior purchase.  Everyone was professional and accommodating."  Dolly E.  April 2012

"(Reason selected VTO) The availability of products and knowledge of employees."  Bill D.  April 2012

"(Reason selected VTO) Reputation, knowledgeable, great workmanship." Scott L. March 2012

"(Reason selected VTO) Prior experience.  Satisfied; worked as expected.  Would recommend to friends."  Elaine & Jeff M. March 2012

"Valley Truck carried Leer products; great job; above and beyond." Bill S. March 2012

"Very well satisfied over all . . . I will come back."  Gary S.  March 2012

"From initial inquiry to purchase, everything was super!"  James R.  March 2012

"Better price . . . friendly, courteous.  Didn't wait very long for my service."  Paul H.  March 2012

"Good parts and service.  Excellent (overall experience)."  Don K.  Feb 2012

"Clean, well kept, nice showroom; very efficient, knowledgeable; very satisfied with everything at Valley Truck Outfitters, Ltd.  George H.  Feb 2012

"Selected VTO because Like to deal local.  Like service & staff."  Jerry G.  Feb 2012

"Selected VTO because of specials just for trucks...salesperson was awesome."  Curt K.  Feb 2012

"Excellent Staff & great products."  Vernon K.  Jan 2012

"'The Professionals.' Friendly, knowledgeable; prices are competitive."  Darwin E.  Jan, 2012

"Very impressed with your very friendly staff and the ability to work around my busy schedule."  Christina P.  Dec. 2011

"Quality Service...excellent customer care."  George K. Dec. 2011

"You completed the order much more quickly...I really needed my cap installed by a certain time for work; you delivered with a bow on top.!" Lucian C. Dec. 2011

"(The salesman) knew what they were talking about."  Louis K.  Nov. 2011

"Very professional."  Denny H.  Nov. 2011

"Very pleased with end result."  Byron A.  Nov. 2011

"I am referring 2 other friends to come in for their Silverado needs."  Lou G.  Nov. 2011

"Good selection and salesman presentation ... looks good; get compliments."  Clarence M.  Nov. 2011

"Great overall truck store."  Robert L.  Oct. 2011

"Running boards and Bed Liner (spray-in) are perfect for the truck! Thanks!"  Wendy C.  Oct. 2011

"First time truck buyer: very satisfied with service and recommendations."  Richard T.  Oct. 2011

"Quality products at a fair price . . .will return."  Dave O.  Oct. 2011

"Excellent (Overall experience).  I like options. John gave and explained many.  Thanks ... I showed (a man) what (cap) I had and referred him to you. Jerry B. Oct. 2011

"Friend high recommendation . . . would recommend business to others."  Gary R.  Sept. 2011

“They had what I was looking for. Satisfied with the work.” John B.  Sept. 2011

“Great selection and service.” Tom B.  Sept. 2011

“Quick service.  Good job. Will return if we need other items.” Jim B.  Sept. 2011

“(Selected for) choice of product and price.  Will be back for more truck accessories.”  Ray S.  Sept. 2011

“Everything I needed was at Valley” Mark R. Sept. 2011

“Bedliner looks great. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks.”  Joseph M.  Sept. 2011

"Very good work and done on time. We are very pleased and will come back." Don M. Aug. 2011

"Nice to have a place where women feel they get treated honestly & fairly." Sharon G., Aug. 2011

"Knowledgeable sales person . . .courteous, efficient service." Alex E. Aug. 2011

"Selected because of previous good experience and good pricing." Dave S. Aug. 2011

"Big selection of items. Problem free (overall experience)." Robert K. July 2011

"Good and very helpful/knowledgeable." Bob G., July 2011


Valley Truck Outfitters

Personalize your vehicle with the quality aftermarket accessories at Valley Truck Outfitters Ltd. We have sorted through the many products that manufacturers make available to us, and have learned to recognize superior products to make your purchasing decision more simplified. By listening and understanding your needs and desires, we have found that 8 out of 10 times, our customers have changed from what they originally planned to purchase. Online purchasing provides many options per component the same as we do, the difference is you are likely to make the correct purchasing decision by our recommendations.



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