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One device with no carrier activation or monthly fees!

For all Android Smart Phones and Blackberries.

The TextBuster sends a blocking signal via Bluetooth to the drivers phone. This is done automatically every time the user enters the vehicle. The TextBuster will not interfere with any other hands free or Bluetooth items in the vehicle.

The TextBuster is a patented device that will disable the data functions to the drivers phone only while inside the vehicle. TextBuster prevents the driver from accessing all text, email or internet functions while driving their vehicle. TextBuster does not block incoming or outgoing phone calls.

Vehicle Installation

The TextBuster is hidden under the vehicle's dash and installs in minutes.

Security Features

The phone application downloads in seconds to the drivers cell phone. The application is password protected preventing unwanted removal.

Monitor Feature

The server monitors the drivers activities and will notify the parent, guardian or fleet manager if the application is tampered with or disabled.

Tracking Feature

The app provides tracking information. The account manager can view history of trips, route coordinates and receive vehicle speed alerts via sms or email.

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