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Valley Truck Outfitters carries Wolo Manufacturing Lights in Youngstown, Ohio. Using the latest GEN III LED technology, Wolo lights produce an ultra-powerful beam of light, which can even be seen in bright daylight.

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Wolo's new low profile LED mini bar light, OUTER LIMITS, has a unique aerodynamic appearance that will look great on any vehicle. Using the latest GEN III LED technology, OUTER LIMITS produces an ultra powerful beam of light, which can even be seen in bright daylight.

The B-SEEN is designed for the user that requires the cutting edge GEN III LED warning light technology at an economical price. The 1-WATT LEDs ARE SUPER BRIGHT and produce 80 double flashes per minute. B-SEEN has no bulbs to burn out or replace, and is totally maintenance free. B-SEEN has a powerful magnet base that is protected and will not scratch the vehicle’s paint. Simple to use, comes with a 10 ft. power wire with cigarette lighter plug.

LOOKOUT is a high performance GEN 3 low profile linear light bar designed with a field proven microprocessor circuit that has extremely low power consumption. Using the latest GEN 3 LED technology, LOOKOUT produces an intense beam of light, which can be seen 360-degrees even in bright daylight. There are sixteen (15) selectable warning light patterns and three-(3) traffic advisory patterns to choose from, with the touch of a button. All models of LOOKOUT have a modular lens design that is highly waterproof and made of strong polycarbonate plastic that is clear for an inconspicuous appearance. The exterior frame is made of extruded aluminum.

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